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The Northville Kiwanis Club was started in 2012 with the assistance of the Kiwanis Club of Colonial Plymouth.  Membership is open to any individual living or working within the City or Township of Northville or its neighboring communities. We currently meet on the first and third Wednesday of each month at Noon at the Northville Sports Den (133 W. Main Street, Downtown Northville).

The first Kiwanis club was organized in Detroit, Michigan in 1914. The club received a charter from the state of Michigan on January 21, 1915—the day that is regarded as the birth date of Kiwanis. In recognition of its heritage, the club’s name is Detroit Kiwanis Club No. 1. The club continues to serve the children of Detroit.

Until 1962, Kiwanis clubs were limited to the United States and Canada. But club delegates to the 1961 convention in Toronto approved the extension of Kiwanis to the rest of the world. In April 1962, the Kiwanis Club of Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico, became the first club to be organized outside the two founding nations. Today, Kiwanis clubs are active in more than 80 nations and geographic areas.

Kiwanis was originally defined as “an organization for men” in the constitution adopted at the Denver Constitutional Convention in 1924, but today about 26 percent of worldwide Kiwanis membership is female.

In 1998, the Kiwanis International Board adopted the motto “Serving the Children of the World” for use on Kiwanis letterhead, publications and literature. In 2005, the House of Delegates at the Honolulu International Convention approved that wording as Kiwanis International’s official motto to promote greater public awareness of Kiwanis’ primary service focus and worldwide scope.


PRESIDENT:  Dan Ferrara



SECRETARY:  Erin Flynn